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Manufactures and distributors may implement new business software and technology for a number of reasons. Perhaps they desire better productivity in the production cycle, increased inventory turns in the warehouse or even safer workplace practices. However, whatever the user's goal, business software solutions are only effective if the individuals using them understand how to maximize this technology.

For example, a February 2012 report from Industrial Distribution cited data from destinationCRM.com, which found that no more than 40 percent of corporations that have purchased customer relationship management software actually make use of this technology 90 percent of the time. The figures suggest many businesses with CRM software haven't been able to maximize it - purportedly for a lacking of training.

This reality is likely relevant for any type of business software - not just CRM - and as a result, it is important businesses deploy the most effective training practices when implementing new software. Compasys can lead a business' training efforts, helping this client get more out of their new investment.

Effective training both during and after implementation

Our leading team of implementation consultants help clients integrate new industry-specific business software solutions. We can also aid with critical staff training and software introduction during this process. As a result, clients do not have to waste time misusing or under-utilizing their new software investment weeks after integration.

However, if clients remain unsure how to maximize their new manufacturing software solution, Compasys can also come in post-integration for additional support.

Compasys can provide training on-site or remotely At Compasys, we can help our clients achieve critical training objectives through remote support, ensuring minimal investment on their part and offering them round-the-clock support at their fingertips. However, for more significant training objectives and responsibilities, Compasys can also send a skilled training specialist on-site for hands-on support.