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Needs-based Analysis for Profitable Enterprise Resource Planning

Productivity and workflow improvements are on the minds of many executives today, and those working in manufacturing and distribution companies are no exception. In fact, a 2011 Gartner study of CEOs across the country revealed that, though 85 percent were concerned about the economy's impact on their business, many still wanted to make the IT investments they felt could improve profitability.

At the same time, identifying exactly which investments are the best ones to make can be a challenge unto itself. Executives who lack visibility into their business' everyday options may not be close enough to the ground floor to know which industry-specific business software solutions are most valuable, and even a competent staff of supervisors may not be able to relay all the necessary technological improvements to the upper office.

Compasys can step into provide an expert customer needs analysis that can help manufacturers and distributors pinpoint exactly which capital improvements need to be made to improve productivity.

Benefit from our enterprise resource planning expertise

As a leading provider of consultation for Made2Manage and Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, Compasys knows the best ways to implement these beneficial software solutions into any emerging or mid-market manufacturer's workflow. Our business needs analysis can identify which ERP software is most appropriate for an individual client and we can then turns things over to our skilled implementation team, which can quickly proceed with streamlined solutions for integration.

Identify additional business solutions that deliver results

At Compasys, our expertise extends beyond the realm of enterprise resource planning. We have also played the lead for effective supply chain management (SCM) deployment and have offered clients integration for accounting services, sales management and customer relationship solutions.

Make Compasys your go-to business solutions provider

With the savvy of a leading technology consultant and the skills of a seasoned integration specialist, Compasys is the full-service IT solution manufacturers and distributors need to implement industry-specific business software solutions.