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Technical Support for Business Management Systems

When technology is not working, productivity suffers. After all, while business management systems can be vital for improving workplace efficiencies and even increasing profits, these systems lose their effectiveness when they are not working properly or are offline entirely.

That is why it is important for any emerging or mid-size manufacturer to partner with a trusted provider of technical support - whether they have implemented a new manufacturing software solution or have just completed a systems integration for customer relations.

However, these sophisticated systems require the expert eye of an industry leader - typical technical support often is not enough to solve problems with new customer relationship management software. Compasys can provide consultation for Made2Manage ERP software and Epicor ERP software, and we are uniquely positioned to step in and resolve technical issues with these and other business management systems when clients need it.

Short and long-term technical support for business management systems

When businesses implement industry-specific business software solutions, it would behoove them to protect their investment through a partnership with a trusted provider of technical support. Compasys offers flexible and affordable technical support services that aids clients for a period of time that they can establish.

For example, if a business requires immediate technical support for a short-term project, we can bill them on an hourly basis to ensure financial flexibility. Or, if a company instead desires our support on an ongoing basis, we can arrange prepaid annual contracts. This contract management solution ensures that trusted technical support is always within arm's reach.

Benefit from our experience with a variety of systems

At Compasys, we have established a reputation for delivering business solutions that improve productivity and increase profitability for emerging and mid-size manufacturers. Due to our knowledge of these and other sophisticated business management systems, we have the expertise to answer questions and offer support in a timely manner.

We offer consulting for Epicor and Made2Manage ERP software and can aid with support for implementation, systems integration and software customization.