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Managed IT Services for Manufacturers and Distributors

Technology is a valuable asset for businesses in any industry, but with the benefits of sophisticated technology also comes certain challenges. Specifically, corporations need to limit network downtime or lagging, which could contribute to sagging workplace productivity.

Similarly, network security is an important concern for businesses that implement integrated manufacturing software solutions, particularly at a time when consumers and businesses alike remain skeptical of major corporations' ability to secure their data.

With the guidance of a leading provider of managed IT services, emerging and mid-market manufacturers and distributors could gain the ability to create a reliable, high-performance and secure network. Compasys has been a partner to businesses in the manufacturing and distribution industries for years, delivering business solutions and effective managed IT services to clients around the United States.

Maintain consistent uptime and reduce lags in productivity

Downtime related to ineffective technology can be a significant hindrance to daily worker productivity. A 2011 study from the firm CA Technologies found that, across North America and Europe, more than $26.5 billion in revenue is lost annually as the result of IT outages. These situations affected more than just financial solvency - 18 percent considered the impact of such an outage to be "very damaging" to their business' reputation.

Manufacturers and distributors that suffer from an IT outage may find it difficult to maintain production, order fulfillment and deliveries when these systems are down. To avoid the potential embarrassment and financial ramifications of downtime, it pays to partner with a reliable managed IT services provider.

Benefit from the industry's leading managed IT and security services

At Compasys, we deploy the industry's most effective tools and support services to ensure our clients can minimize downtime as a whole. And, if an IT outage is unavoidable, we work to make sure our clients can be back online and operational as soon as is reasonable.

We integrate Windows Small Business Server in our clients' network infrastructure to ensure optimal uptime. We also deploy Symantec Endpoint Protection, a leading commercial network security suite, to ensure clients' data and networks are protected.

Partner with Compasys for your business' IT needs

With Compasys at their side, emerging and mid-market enterprises gain the technology and tools needed to compete with larger industry counterparts. We can perform effective software implementation, software customization and implementation consulting to connect our clients with the most suitable business management systems for their needs.