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Effective Systems Integration - Integrated Management Software

Integrated management systems can reveal a host of benefits to manufacturers or distributors that desire better workplace solutions. An effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to aid in inventory management, for example, may help a distributor increase the number of inventory turns it processes each accounting cycle, allowing it to eliminate and restock supplies quickly and trim waste.

Similarly, manufacturers and distributors alike have benefited from the improved productivity or increased customer service capabilities offered through investments in supply chain management (SCM) system deployment, sales management software or customer relationship management technology. However, these advantages may not be achieved unless a manufacturer or distributor is able to effectively assess the strength of its network infrastructure and determine its existing needs and capabilities.

As a leading provider of streamlined solutions for integration, Compasys has the tools and expertise clients need to secure leading business management systems. By conducting a business needs analysis and applying practical design ideas to each individual client's case, Compasys is adept at delivering business solutions that bring results.

Benefit from our knowledge of network infrastructure development

When implementing new integrated management systems within a business' existing framework, it pays to work with implementation consultants that understand the best ways to deliver industry-specific business software solutions to clients in a variety of sectors.

At Compasys, we have the industry expertise to aid in the implementation of any number of systems, whether businesses are integrating CAD software or wish to streamline integration for accounting services. We have also aided businesses with systems integration for sales management functions as well as systems integration for customer relations management.

Rely on Compasys to secure effective integrated management systems

A combination of technical know-how and real-world expertise has provided the integration consultants at Compasys with the ability to take the lead on any integrated management systems project. Serving emerging and mid-size manufacturers alike, Compasys has the credentials and experience to handle any client's needs.

For example, as an authorized Epicor business partner, Compasys is able to connect businesses with one of the industry's leading ERP software suites for manufacturers and distributors. Compasys can also provide consultation for Made2Manage software for businesses that desire this advanced ERP software.

Seasoned implementation consulting from an industry leader

Ultimately, Compasys is the solution many businesses need when the prospect of implementing new integrated management systems proves too complex for their own IT departments or staffs. We have aided existing tech teams with new system projects or stepped in to lead a team with implementation consulting or custom development. Whatever their needs, clients who have turned to Compasys frequently report satisfaction with our seasoned implementation consulting.