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Implementation consulting and Epicor ERP - CRM - SCM Implementation

Whether it's an emerging manufacturer, an established mid-size fabricator or a distribution service, any corporation could benefit from the services offered by new integrated management systems, such as enterprise resource software (ERP) or supply chain management (SCM) systems. At the same time, new ERP or SCM deployment is not an easy task to manage, particularly for manufacturers or distributors that have been reliant on an existing system.

Implementation consulting from a trusted provider of software solutions that understands the value of a thorough customer needs analysis may be the best way for these professionals to successfully orchestrate new software implementation. With more than 30 years of experience delivering business solutions to manufacturers and distributors of various sizes and scope, Compasys is the partner these professionals need to secure effective technology, whether they seek tools to assist with ERP, SCM or customer relationship management (CRM).

As a leading provider of industry-specific business software solutions like Epicor or Made2Manage ERP software, Compasys has served as a key implementation consultant for businesses across the country

We provide consulting for Epicor software

When it comes to delivering business solutions to small- and mid-size manufacturers and distributors, Epicor has established itself as a premier provider of ERP software. This corporation prides itself on delivering improved communication, increased visibility and enhanced productivity to customers who might otherwise suffer from the technical or accessibility challenges often associated with new software implementation.

However, without the right implementation consultant at their side, businesses may not obtain the true value of this software. Compasys is an authorized Epicor business partner, and we can step in for small businesses that lack the IT knowledge to integrate Epicor software and put these professionals on the track to a successful software deployment.

We can offer consultation for Made2Manage software

As a provider of integrated manufacturing software solutions, Made2Manage is another software provider that seeks to resolve workplace challenges related to product ordering, assembly or operations for small and medium manufacturers in a variety of industries.

Compasys also provides consultation for Made2Manage ERP software that helps businesses achieve streamlined solutions for integration. We determine our clients' technological strengths and weaknesses and conduct an ongoing analysis of in-process software implementations to ultimately identify the practical design ideas and network infrastructure businesses require to successfully launch Made2Manage ERP software.

Why make Compasys your lead implementation consultant?

The strength of our implementation consulting - and the way we are able to add value to our clients through their investment in ERP, SCM or CRM software - is through our seasoned approach. At Compasys, we deploy a team of experienced tech professionals to step in where a business may lack in technical knowledge. As a result, we offer more than just consulting for Epicor or Made2Manage software - we can serve as a business' outsourced IT solution.