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About Us

Compasys is a leader in enterprise resource planning and supply chain management implementations. We strive to match ERP and SCM system functionality to our clientsí needs. Our staff of experienced consultants and developers understands the latest technological developments and our goal is to provide the tools necessary for todayís small and mid-sized manufacturers and distributors to meet ever-changing management, operation and delivery demands. Our partnership with leading software developers gives us an edge when it comes to providing comprehensive manufacturing and supply chain management solutions.

At Compasys, we donít just sell lines of industry-leading software without back-end support. Our consultants each have over thirty years of experience with application integration, software implementation, hands-on and remote training, and on-going software technical support to both small and mid-sized companies.

Our Mission Statement

Compasys is a provider of software and computer services to small and medium sized manufacturing and distribution enterprises, with the highest level of customer service and technical support.

Compasys strives to improve the quality of its customer's business operations enabling increased levels of sales and customer service along with improved products and efficiency.

Our goal is to provide Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Managemnet systems that are technically advanced but well-proven utilizing industry standard technology.